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The Land Use Clinic works throughout West Virginia to protect water quality, wetlands, forests, farmland, and open spaces.

Land and Conservation

The Land Use Clinic collaborates with the West Virginia Land Trust, other land trusts and non-profits, and local governments to identify appropriate properties for conservation. The Land Use Clinic then assists with the legal services necessary to place voluntary conservation easements upon or otherwise protect the subject properties for conservation purposes. Such legal services include, but are not limited to, title examinations, drafting conservations easements and other legal agreements, negotiations, and conducting closings. To identify appropriate properties for conservation, the Land Use Clinic helps to identify a property’s conservation values, conducts site visits, and otherwise walks its clients through the legal details of such transactions. 

665 Acre Property on the Gauley River

In 2014, the Clinic helped permanently protect 665 acres of land that fronts six miles of the Gauley River. Working in five counties, legal services included title examinations, contract drafting, drafting of title opinions, and negotiations. Read more here.

Wild Rock

This access easement grants to rock climbers the right to use private lands to enter key rock climbing areas on public lands in the New River Gorge. The access easement is for two trails and a parking lot. This agreement aims to encourage future partnerships that enable greater public access to otherwise inaccessible recreational areas. Read more about the easement here.

Beckley Mill

Clinic faculty and students conducted an exhaustive title examination of the Beckley Mill property and provided detailed information to the Raleigh County Historical Society about ownership of the site. With that information, the Historical Society successfully cleared up lingering questions about the property’s ownership. Read more here