West Virginia Land Trust Preserves Ancient Forest Area

Repost from Leah Knicely, 12-WBOY 

West Virginia Land Trust Preserves Ancient Forest Area 

DODDRIDGE COUNTY - Doddridge County is now home to the Marie Hall Jones Ancient Forest Preserve which holds old-growth trees, ranging from 160-300 years of age. 

The Forest is a 190-acre property which will be open to the public as a natural preserve.  Allen Jones donated the property to the West Virginia Land Trust (WVLT) to honor his mother’s wish that the forest remains protected.

“My association with it goes back to 1972 when it was when it was bought at auction in the Doddridge County Court House in a rowdy group of people, some local people bidding, but it was really my mother having me bid against timber companies, and then it was one timber company, and then the final bid was ours,” said Jones.

The West Virginia Land Trust will keep the property in its natural condition and hopes to accommodate hiking and nature study of the ancient forest. 

WVLT staff would be happy to give a property tour to interested parties.  Please call (304) 413-0945 to arrange a hike.