The checklists provided below are designed to help communities identify whether they have addressed certain code provisions from Chapter 8A of the West Virginia Code in their comprehensive plan, subdivision and land development ordinance, and zoning ordinance. The checklists provide a column for the page number where the provision is addressed in the land use document and a column for comments. The checklists are for informational purposes and should only be used as guidelines when addressing land use regulations in West Virginia.

Comprehensive Plan- Objectives

Comprehensive Plan- Optional Components

Comprehensive Plan- Required Components

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance- Optional Components

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance- Required Components

Zoning- Optional Components

Zoning- Required Components

Fact Sheets

Accessory Uses and Structures

Open Governmental Meetings Act (OGMA)

Spot Zoning

Zoning for Oil & Gas Activities

Zoning Officer